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  1. As 2018 comes to an end, lets look back at some of the great releases and not-so-great releases this year. and what are you looking forward to in 2019?
  2. I would like to become successful in life, and would love to just be happy! What do you want?
  3. I'm personally excited for Red Dead Redemption 2, but I wanna know what you all are waiting and excited for!
  4. SummerWave72

    What’s your dream holiday?

    i would love to sightsee in japan
  5. SummerWave72


    Hello, this is my second time applying for the admin posistion. I am 17 years old and play Team Fortress 2 on a daily basis(2300+ hours at the time of writing this). I am a regular on EGC and know the rules thoroughly. I have decent trading experience, having a backpack worth of over 400 dollars before cashing out. I have made many friends through EGC, and I would love to give back to the community. I have been a Lifetime donator for almost 5 months now but have been apart of EGC for a year and half. I am readily available much of the day and can come on to serve punishment to wrong doers very quickly. My hobbies consist of gaming, collecting (mainly Nintendo products), and hunting. I love talking to people and being social, but can be serious if needed. I have been an admin on 1 server in the past, being a gmod server, which the owner has now sold. I have a decent amount of experience with sourcemod. Thanks for taking your time to read, and good luck to other applicants.
  6. SummerWave72

    New Smash Brothers

    anyone else hyped for cartoon battle simulator 2018
  7. SummerWave72

    csgo is good

    This guy had 600 ping and was hitting headshots like mad. Unnatural aim and flicking. Also tracked players through walls. hacker.dem
  8. SummerWave72

    Surf/Bhop servers

    I think it a surf or bhop server should be launched to help gain new players, not to mention diversity for regulars and donators. This probably isnt as detailed as it should be but oh well
  9. SummerWave72


    My brief overview Hello! I have been playing and trading on EGC for about 5 months now. I love this community and have given back on several occasions, and seeing as I spend so much time on the US trade server, I thought I'd go ahead and apply for admin position. Below I'll give details on a little bit about myself and other neat things. The experience I used to admin a server on Club Penguin! Just kidding. I was an admin on a very small Gmod server before the owners sold it. I was generally respected and never abused admin powers. I always enforced the very basic rules they had and always had fun with people. The neat stuff I can make SFM posters that don't look like garbage. I have basic knowledge on how to pose and light in SFM In short, I'm applying to help out this community and expect nothing in return. Thanks for reading!
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    Personally never met you but ai would include age in your app tbh
  11. SummerWave72


    Cheers mate!
  12. SummerWave72


    I may aswell come back and reiterate, I am familiar with the sourcemod menus. When it comes to installing and scripting sourcemod, I wouldn't know.
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    Good luck Roo. You would make a terrific admin!
  14. SummerWave72


    Yes of course. I am of 16 years of age and I'm sorta familiar with sourcemod, but I can certainly learn more