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  1. Personally never met you but ai would include age in your app tbh
  2. Cheers mate!
  3. I may aswell come back and reiterate, I am familiar with the sourcemod menus. When it comes to installing and scripting sourcemod, I wouldn't know.
  4. Roo

    Good luck Roo. You would make a terrific admin!
  5. Yes of course. I am of 16 years of age and I'm sorta familiar with sourcemod, but I can certainly learn more
  6. My brief overview Hello! I have been playing and trading on EGC for about 5 months now. I love this community and have given back on several occasions, and seeing as I spend so much time on the US trade server, I thought I'd go ahead and apply for admin position. Below I'll give details on a little bit about myself and other neat things. The experience I used to admin a server on Club Penguin! Just kidding. I was an admin on a very small Gmod server before the owners sold it. I was generally respected and never abused admin powers. I always enforced the very basic rules they had and always had fun with people. The neat stuff I can make SFM posters that don't look like garbage. I have basic knowledge on how to pose and light in SFM In short, I'm applying to help out this community and expect nothing in return. Thanks for reading!