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  1. Taunt plugin?

    For the donator perks, would it be possible that we can have a taunt plugin so we can use taunts we don't have? I think it'll be a good addition to the donator perks. ~FishoFun
  2. Scrim

    If you are, maybe make a discussion on about tryouts or who will be intrested.
  3. Scrim

    Could it be possible that in the future we can have maybe 1 or 2 EGC comp teams to play in UGC leauges?
  4. Scrim

    If this happens, would we use mumble or discord? bc from personal experience mumble has a smaller delay than discord which would be better for calls. Or would we use the teamspeak?
  5. Hey there everyone name is FishOFun You might see me around in the EGC AU trading server. Im 15 years old have somewhat of a life but not really, feel free to add me on steam if you would like to, and if anyone out there plays ugc comp, im an available ringer for scout in 6s and Hl, but i can also play sniper for HL. I hope To talk to more people in this great community. ~FishOFun
  6. FishOFun

    Im applying for this position as ive been on this server for quite a long time(1 year i think), I'm a person who can talk to others and get along easily. I am 15 years old, I am very good with computer server or anything about that. I have 1557 hours on tf2, My steamrep is clean as it can be, I have donated to this communit, and i have not been banned on the server, fourms etc. Thank you for reading this and i hope i can get closer to this great community