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  1. I appreciate the comment and concern, even if its a bit harsher than how I would have put it. Regarding your second statement, the jetpack perk unto itself is glitched, so it is hard to tell what is and isn't supposed to be working. Once you informed me of the glitch, I feel I listened, as I do with any person with a concern, comment, or question, even though there wasn't any consequences. Once again though, thank you for taking time to comment on my application.
  2. The role of admins and moderators are very crucial in running a server correctly. The current admins do a fantastic job when they are on, but the time they are on appears to be an issue to me. Due to my location and timezone (EST), I can help moderate the server in the off-hours that the current admins have. I feel as though having multiple "shifts" of admins would help bring more justice and positivity to the EGC community and servers, in addition to preventing waves of hackers, mic-spammers, and the such. In addition to having a passion for helping grow EGC, I have experience as an Admin/Moderator, albeit only on Minecraft servers. I have helped moderate a Minecraft server that was developed by libraries in an area containing 20 towns. The server, both being pushed by libraries and being Minecraft, was filled with around ~50 children from the ages of 8-13, so I have experience with the younger audience and know how to deal with griefers, spammers, and more. I helped moderate that server for around 2 years (it's player count declined drastically due to glitches in the server), and still frequent it from time to time to assist any players. The time I spent helping that server gave me the experience that would be necessary in order to help the large number of players that join EGC daily. Overall, due to my timezone, my passion for helping grow EGC, and my previous experience, I feel that my becoming of an admin would be great for the server and the community as a whole.