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  1. i unboxed 90 keys last night too am i scam man
  2. kinda off-topic, but i wonder if valve is subscribed to delfy still, if there aren't people exploiting exploits, then the game can't be patched further, but cheaters are shit any way you look at it
  3. 100% crits (still no random crits so its ok) EDIT: better idea is that it's 100% crits but with a chance for random 'not crits' so people with melee are f*cked
  4. oh yeah i definitely believe so, but almost everyone else hates it so yea
  5. Some of the older and official (release) maps would be nice, they don't get a lot of attention and I think they should. Including the maps I voted for (2fort, turbine, goldrush, badwater and dustbowl), I think you should add these maps: - Frontier - Well (5CP or CTF, not picky) - Gorge - Granary - Gravel Pit - Sawmill (preferably CTF but KOTH is nice too) - an Arena map/Hydro (ok that was a joke, but if you want to piss people off this is a good choice)
  6. the real question is, how are we gonna get the most equal ping possible for us/au players so that i can pwn noobs without the noobs pwning me first 2000 seconds before
  7. im up to pwn some noobs in csgo that is, in tf2 im actually trash lol
  8. FREE

    bind mwheelup to change your not-muselk loadout to the 100% professional muscle k loadout?
  9. FREE

    the 'E' key?
  10. hoste, more like boast ^_^

    no hurty

    1. Hoste


      ur ded kid

    2. lambda


      1v1 me new egc map, direct hit only

  11. Selling Specialized Killstreak Festive Minigun (unique) for 1.4 keys (1 key 10.77 ref), sheen is Deadly Daffodil. Also selling everything on P8 of my backpack for listed/ price. Buying Mannrobics with 1 key pure as well. Backpack: Trade Offer Link:
  12. [insert status nobody will probably care about]

    1. Hoste


      I fought-off 15" mossies last night.

    2. lambda


      seems hardcore

  13. FREE

    >when you had the right answer all along but didn't think that was the answer someone give me 10,000 sad pepes right now edit: didnt put it into java tho
  14. FREE

    What's the goal of this? Is this to figure out what this code does? When I get a goal, I'll edit this post with my answer
  15. too poor for that, buddy unless... you could be the crabber for me? 1. Eh, it would increase the crab chance and the count, but I doubt it'd be making any big difference towards the overall results. I think LiMaaa explained it quite well. 2. Don't I need to have the time and the British accent? 3. it's just a test this isn't gonna impact anything lol, just do whatever you feel like