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  1. TravieTubesock


    Apart from your statement, there doesn't seem to be any evidence in regards to this report. We need a demo or hard evidence showing hacking or characteristics of hacking including but not limited to, admittance, and / or gloating. Please make sure to include any evidence you may have when making future reports. Changed Status to Dismissed
  2. TravieTubesock


    NGS|SkyTheCool spycrabbed Goldensliv 5 ref and lost and was trying to say he won so he didnt have to pay. I told him he lost so he had to pay up because if he didnt he would be removed from server and he replied NGS|SkyTheCool : eh NGS|SkyTheCool : I prefer get banned So i added him to give him another chance and left this comment on my profile http://steamcommunity.com/id/TravManCil?tscn=1522698722 NGS|SkyTheCool Just now Delete nah I prefer to get banned on that server
  3. TravieTubesock

    let me lick your tears

    Changed Status to Accepted
  4. TravieTubesock

    let me lick your tears

    watched him myself in game saw shots just like the video was snapping onto people clearly hacking in video and when i was spectating him issued a perm ban. Approved
  5. TravieTubesock


    I agree for a perm ban
  6. TravieTubesock


    Changed Status to Under Review
  7. TravieTubesock

    = WL = Sam looking for trade

    First picture is score and second is them agreeing on the items. He came back to the server and payed a few items but they were not the original deal.
  8. TravieTubesock

    = WL = Sam looking for trade

    I came into the server to find several people talking about someone needing to pay up for a spy crab so i asked if there was anything i could do to help and they called me over to red. Hackerman 2000 told me that him and Sam had a spycrab and hackerman won it was confirmed by others in the server so i told Sam he had to pay up. He wouldn't pay up though then tried to recrab him instead of paying so i told him there wont be another crab till the last one was payed for. He responds saying hes a f2p when he has items on and was trying to tell me if he gets banned he wont pay up. I removed him from the server after the trade was canceled.