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  1. KasumiKazotetsu

    ❤ Kasumi ❤

    P.S. Just an idea. Not sure if you guys do it, but you should have some kind of "Trial Admin" with basic Admin abilities. Just so it can be just that, a Trial.
  2. KasumiKazotetsu

    ❤ Kasumi ❤

    I am a mature, 16 year old TF2 Trader/Broker who frequents EGC US | Trade. I often come here to trade and broker for people, and attempt to guide people in the right direction when it comes to trading. I don't use my mic for disclosed reasons (if an admin wants an answer, feel free to pm me, preferably Ms. Freakshow.) I know I am not an admin on any other server, and I don't have thousands of hours, but I am very trustworthy and act mature whenever I am playing and trading. I often come online and there will either be no Admins or only Ms. Freakshow. I would love to help the community grow stronger, and I can also assist with digital art, as I am a student training to make some nice art! Thanks for considering me! Edit: I love trying to keep the rules enforced when there are no Admins online, however, it is very stressful because people know I can't truly enforce anything, I can only advise. I would also love to, if not accepted here due to overstaffing, I would love to help with building and maintaining the CS:GO server when that is getting worked on, thanks!