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    you cant use spells when you get out of friendly mode. when you are friendly for some reason and type !friendly that gets you out of friendly mode right? well when you roll a halloween spell and try to use it it wont let you and instead just floats your arm up in the air and yes limaaa you know about this
  2. I do not have a screenshot of it because i just found out yesterday. you can try it out yourself. anyways, in friendly mode you cannot die or kill people right? well yesterday a person rolled fire breath which deals splash damage i didn't kill me in direct but i was close to it and i got hurt. i thought i was not in friendly mode so i was like oh ok. then i got hit by it again. and i checked and i was indeed in friendly mode That is all i got to say
  3. phatcow7

    Can't spawn in

    try re installing tf2?
  4. phatcow7

    Captain B-Pizza

    Limaaa’s search history is really dirty lol but anyways good luck!
  5. well i was testing to see if i could find glitches and i have found a glitch for the spycrab room. you go into friendly mode of any class except for spy for example i go scout in friendly mode i need to pick up a wep of scout for example a scattergun. when i pick it up it will make you still but you can still move and then you challenge someone to a crab and youbasically win everytime like that and you just wait bec u cant crab but they have to.
  6. phatcow7


    just found this out like 2 sec ago while testing the spycrab rooms with limaaa when the servers came back on. when you want to spycrab you have to go spy right? but when you are a different class and you do !challenge it puts you in a tpose position and you cant crab
  7. phatcow7


    cosmic keeps random trading me about my point and shoot which i am getting sick of. he keeps telling me my point and shoot is worth 5 ref when it is clearly worth 8.33 he then traded me today asking if i wanted to buy his killstreak strange sniper rifle (by random trading i didn't advertise buying sniper rifles) he keeps telling me its worth 2.11 keys, i kept explaining it to him but he kept denying it he kept going to 1.5 keys , 1.4 keys etc. he then cancelled the trade immediately, i also wanted to tell him to stop random trading me since it was annoying the hell out of me and by doing this i traded him, i then told him to stop random trading me but he then started to call me a f u c k e r in the trade and cancelled. I then called him out in game with my mic but all he did was calling me and other people f u c k e r s and left. screenshots will be below .
  8. phatcow7


    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1363579706 as you can see he traded me and you can see in chat i didn't advertise anything
  9. phatcow7

    Bezhinga funny moments

    So, i was having a casual day in the egc trade servers and then this 1 month donator (i think) i then told him to stop blocking the spawn doors because its against the rules, So i went inside him to tell him but then he started to have a fit and saying that its against the rules to stand inside players (which i know) and he started calling me a 12 year old ♥♥♥♥ after i told him i am going to report him, he then said he doesn't care, (didn't get that on vid soz)
  10. phatcow7


    alright for starters, fluffy is being a toxic boy lately, calling everyone c u n t on the server and more, he's been spamming the mic every time he gets a chance when there is no admin on. He has been doing this for the past couple months already (including last year). Tonight he has been putting up p o r n sprays even when he knows it's against the rules, its obvious he wants a PERM ban, there was one other thing as well, i think i remember @LiMaaa saying that fluffy would get a perm ban if he kept his toxic behaviour up. One of the admins already gave him a week ban due to his behaviour, he even made a appeal. if you look closely he wrote " i'll try my hardest to be a good member of the EGC community" which i think is just nonsense since he kept going further of breaking the rules of EGC. Tonight,he received a 10 min ban from Jeby for spamming the mic, 10 mins later he started to spam the mic again which caused him to get another 30 min ban from Jeby, I don't know why fluffy has not got a perm mute/ban from the egc servers yet because at this stage he is just being a salty triggered "Australian" boy Phatcow7-
  11. phatcow7


    someone give me a new nick name for halloween plz i need one lol
  12. phatcow7

    Count to 100

    Though it was 5
  13. phatcow7

    Free 1 month donator

    IM BUYING THE FIRST 3 people that adds me will get a 1 month donator for free you have to find me on steam AND comment why you added me so I know it's you Happy XMAS
  14. phatcow7

    Free 1 month donator

    No one has added me yet lol
  15. phatcow7

    Tits | Trade.tf

    I've seen tits spycrab a-lot on the egc servers and everytime he spycrabs he always say first to 3 wins which is total bull. He then complains about the crabber switching weps when but tits also switched wep and disguised so he is basically a hypocrite, anyways tits said that you lose and he has to pay up because he "switched weapons which means that he lost the whole crab, and i swear you dont lose the whole crab you only get 1 crab. anyways tits was 3-1 so tits had to pay up, but how ever he didn't. now he was like ban me i dont care get a admin on. if this does not get a end to it immediently then tits would ruin all spycrabs, btw this happen to me as well. he said i changed weapons so i lose but it was a accident because i had no intention to switch weapons on purpose. and he also blocked me. Ps, i was not involved i just witnessed it and recorded the whole crab. and im so happy i made a report its been a while.
  16. phatcow7

    Tits | Trade.tf

    He most likely knows all the admins on egc and acts nice and pays up every spycrab when ANY admin is on, but when they are not on the servers, he takes advantage and starts getting salty and never pays up, that's when I step in and I told him that if you don't pay up I will get a admin ( because I didn't want to waste my time reporting a casual member on egc) He then kept going on saying "call a admin, ban me I don't care." as shown in the video, but the story changes a lot differently when a admin is online. What a wussy
  17. phatcow7

    Stinchy's Will Of Cheese

    nah thats just the thing
  18. phatcow7

    Stinchy's Will Of Cheese

    nah thats just the thing
  19. phatcow7

    Stinchy's Will Of Cheese

  20. phatcow7

    Stinchy's Will Of Cheese

  21. phatcow7

    Engi l Trade.tf

    Again lol
  22. chat with me in discord if you are interested
  23. phatcow7


    i was not witnessed to this but inferno was kind enough to send me screenshots of the crab from the console. it was a obviouse spycrab runner without paying up if you can't see it clearly here is the chat log of the scores but most importantly is that jeff ran and declined the trade right after he crabbed 3 times
  24. phatcow7


    STEAM_0:0:84035950 this id is the one i don't know but when i clicked steam rep, it didn't read it so yeah.
  25. phatcow7

    Captain beeky

    refused to give the 6 ref to hackerman i started to record when the scores were 2-1 because i already knew he was going to run away. then declined the trade from hackerman if you want more proof because my vid does not have enough evidence hackerman can upload screenshots