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  1. i traded this person called box he was begging for items on the server then he traded me. he wanted to know what i have that he wants to 'buy" i put eveyrthing i have and then he put 2 crates in.i then called him a scammer and said i am going to report you.i then cancled the trade and he told me he s new to trading. if he is new how does he have a festive black box a bills botkillers hats and reskins i have got reports of other people calling him a scammer
  2. I told nate to not spam a bunch of times he said who cares i then told him i will report him he said plz don't and kept on spamming
  3. person told me in trade and cancled it he said awmper hand is the unusual and if you don't trade me it I will hack your account this means attempted trade scam
  4. oh sorry because I wanted to report this guy quick
  5. tried to scam me thinking that I was dumb he kept calling me a scammer because I wont trade him.
  6. this person kept using his bind when I was using mine I was buying cards for 3 scrap each then he was afraid so he kept spamming when I was using my binds proof? right here kept doing the same thing over again
  7. sorry if its blury its the best I have he attempted to scam me by being a famouse youtuber "muslek" and tried to take my unusual when he said 'borrowing'