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  1. ok so here how it goes he wanted to crab people 1 ref so i was like i want to crab, then i heard state trooper say that anamu would not pay up. so i was like welp better record. so i recorded and yeah the vid says it all ps. soz for my language i was pretty pissed and could not control my anger. and my voice is loud so turn your volume down :) he also crabbed state trooper 1 ref and gave him a steamcode instead and he kept saying im a scammer when i clearly stated in chat first to 3 loses 2017-07-20 16-42-17.mp4 again sorry for the rude language in the vid i could not control my anger plz dont be made at me ):
  2. here is the picture like you asked for. but even thought i left dont you think that he should accpet it anyways? he didnt accpet it bec he thinks i will forgot so he is trying to take a chance from me
  3. ttiny just came and challenged me to a crab for 1 ref, i agreed so we crabbed the score was 1-0 ttiny is the left one then 2-0 then 2-1 then 3-1 i told him i had to go bec i needed to go somewhere so i left tf2 but was on the home paged and i was still recording to see if he would give me the ref. i went to dress up and he still hasent givin me the ref, i tried to add him but he wont reply. and then my parents said that we have to wait another 5-10 min bec the car needs to come back from my dads work so i kept tf2 on and when i went to check the offers i saw that he cancled the trade. the vid says it all. the first one is the whole thing and the secound is the aftermath. Keep this video just incase he lies or something ps: the one that says spycrab is the full one and the other one with no name or whatever is the aftermath. spycrab.mp4 if this vid dosent work i will upload it to youtube
  4. btw just in case he changed his name right after he ran from the crab
  5. A person called Awild wanted to crab fuzzypants 15 ref so fuzzy accpeted.fuzzy won the first round bec awild crabbed 3 times but he then said it was 'lag' so they restarted again. the score was 0-1 fuzzy is the right one, then 1-1 then 2-1 then 2-2 then 3-2 awild then said gg and disconnected from the server. he also changed his name on steam so he wont get caught. take a look at these, first this is the first screen shot t first
  6. this is the only descprition if you are on the red team and you are a donator you type !enemy to go to the other spawn right? well me and a other person found out that if you are a spy on blue and you have the diamond back equppied then you can backstab the friendly in your spawn and you get a total of 127 crits look at them crits i can do this over and over again lol it has to be fixed
  7. basically like that hoste
  8. btw it works everytime, i tested it on shonic and on my friends lots of times. this needs to be fixed or you would lose a lot of items
  9. well i was testing to see if i could find glitches and i have found a glitch for the spycrab room. you go into friendly mode of any class except for spy for example i go scout in friendly mode i need to pick up a wep of scout for example a scattergun. when i pick it up it will make you still but you can still move and then you challenge someone to a crab and youbasically win everytime like that and you just wait bec u cant crab but they have to.
  10. btw i think he has alts so just watch out for that bec he got 161 ref in 72 hours and completed all the achivements in tf2
  11. was watching the whole crab mr spy vs luna i went to the bathroom and came back and saw that luna and joker were saying in chat mr spy just ran from a 12 ref spycrab i was like not again. so i then added mr spy and asked him why did he run away and he said bec he moved and you are not allowed to do that.i then told him the consequences were to be resulted in a perm banned and i think im not allowed to say that. i told mr spy to give the winnings to luna but he then said who cares and unfriended me. the first to screenshots are mine the rest is when another person added him to ask him why he ran away
  12. Roo

    mate roo you will get the role of a admin on egc 100 percent i guarente you will get it if you dont get it now remeber there still is another chance but seriously you would be one admins i would love in egc
  13. Well great in getting banned permanently I was going to buy keys for life time Bec j love the. Server but no I failed well guys have a nice time
  14. Oh no I'm in trouble Mate you said you lost connection how stupid once you crabbed I said gg and in 1 sec you are gone you only said it was a joke Bec I reported you on egc mate I see you on egc servers a lot and if I get banned now the my life is over i am only trying to help the community And you're just trying to get me banend for your revenge Mate if I haven't report you in egc you wouldn't have added me and ask me these questions. Means that you lost a spy crab and you ran away so this means if I haven't got you banned on egc then you would not have added me and give me the 2 ref and you didn't do it as a joke you did it on purpose trying to get me banned Bec I caught you running away i know my behaviour now is stupid and rude to everyone Bec I feel really stressed so I can't think of anything so I'm sorry if I was rude and mate you gave me a discount from 23 to 17 ref you even said it in the chat so I accepted Bec good profit I said 16 and you said 17 and a deal. And when I unfriended you you and your mate went to my BP and gave me 2 negative trust before and now it has been removed. Mate so if you have any questions tell me creep check.