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  1. Count to 100

    Though it was 5
  2. Free 1 month donator

    No one has added me yet lol
  3. Free 1 month donator

    IM BUYING THE FIRST 3 people that adds me will get a 1 month donator for free you have to find me on steam AND comment why you added me so I know it's you Happy XMAS
  4. Tits | Trade.tf

    He most likely knows all the admins on egc and acts nice and pays up every spycrab when ANY admin is on, but when they are not on the servers, he takes advantage and starts getting salty and never pays up, that's when I step in and I told him that if you don't pay up I will get a admin ( because I didn't want to waste my time reporting a casual member on egc) He then kept going on saying "call a admin, ban me I don't care." as shown in the video, but the story changes a lot differently when a admin is online. What a wussy
  5. Tits | Trade.tf

    I've seen tits spycrab a-lot on the egc servers and everytime he spycrabs he always say first to 3 wins which is total bull. He then complains about the crabber switching weps when but tits also switched wep and disguised so he is basically a hypocrite, anyways tits said that you lose and he has to pay up because he "switched weapons which means that he lost the whole crab, and i swear you dont lose the whole crab you only get 1 crab. anyways tits was 3-1 so tits had to pay up, but how ever he didn't. now he was like ban me i dont care get a admin on. if this does not get a end to it immediently then tits would ruin all spycrabs, btw this happen to me as well. he said i changed weapons so i lose but it was a accident because i had no intention to switch weapons on purpose. and he also blocked me. Ps, i was not involved i just witnessed it and recorded the whole crab. and im so happy i made a report its been a while.
  6. Stinchy's Will Of Cheese

    nah thats just the thing
  7. Stinchy's Will Of Cheese

  8. Engi l Trade.tf

    Again lol
  9. chat with me in discord if you are interested
  10. JeffTheSlayer

    STEAM_0:0:84035950 this id is the one i don't know but when i clicked steam rep, it didn't read it so yeah.
  11. JeffTheSlayer

    i was not witnessed to this but inferno was kind enough to send me screenshots of the crab from the console. it was a obviouse spycrab runner without paying up if you can't see it clearly here is the chat log of the scores but most importantly is that jeff ran and declined the trade right after he crabbed 3 times
  12. Captain beeky

    refused to give the 6 ref to hackerman i started to record when the scores were 2-1 because i already knew he was going to run away. then declined the trade from hackerman if you want more proof because my vid does not have enough evidence hackerman can upload screenshots
  13. Thermal Thruster destroying buildings in friendly mode

    I think this has already been reported by darker did you want it to make it more easier for the founders? Lol because founders could understand you more.
  14. Phatcow7

    oh yeah that i borrowed keys from demo and he wanted one key back and i said if i give you 1 key back will you friend me back and he said yes but when i gave it to him he was like ha i was joking bitch