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  1. toots

    ok i am uploading it but i had to cut out some parts 2017-09-12 19-30-56-1.mp4
  2. toots

    i also got a vid but i am trying to figure how to put it in because its to big for some reason
  3. toots

    to be honest i dont know if he is trying to scam people or not but i see in the chat that everyone is saying toots is trying to scam and said that his unusual got scammed from a middleman scamming. being a ♥♥♥♥ his unusual never got scammed he just traded it. i checked his backpack and went back like 3 days ago and saw it and the history

    if the vid does not work i will upload another one because it keeps saying upload failed

    kid spamming the mic to much and using it, i dont even have a chance to advertise. i believe this person needs to take a break from the mic by getting muted or like 1-7 day ban to learn his lesson his mic was a bit echoi or yeah did not have a chance to use the mic to advertise 2017-09-09 20-40-06.mp42017-09-09 20-45-21.mp4
  6. EGC fluffy

    this is true fluffy started talking trash about me everytime i killed him because i taunt after i killed him and after that he would not stop using the mic he kept saying dead dead dead you have no skill you suck oh you try hard going different classes i think that fluffy did that because he knew there was not any admins on. if freak was on she would mute him right away. he also got a mute from roo yesterday for using the mic to much thats all i have to say. if you need any more info you can pm me in discord or ask it here
  7. =ST= Gunslinger

    gahh came on the us too
  8. Hackerman 2000

    hacker man this is just my side but i think you would be a awesome admin
  9. Bob the builder

    just spamming lmaobox even when allanon was on i think allanon was afk then
  10. olofmijster

    He has 2 unconfirmed reports on steam rep of quick switch scamming and another scam, one of them was one of he people I met on vac city, Thought this should be added as well just in case this person is dangerous to all trading servers. Old scam in the book has 14 negative trust on backpack and won't remove. It.
  11. olofmijster

    same person added me before to trade when i could trade back then, he tried to do a quick switch scam
  12. Anamu

  13. Anamu

    ok so here how it goes he wanted to crab people 1 ref so i was like i want to crab, then i heard state trooper say that anamu would not pay up. so i was like welp better record. so i recorded and yeah the vid says it all ps. soz for my language i was pretty pissed and could not control my anger. and my voice is loud so turn your volume down :) he also crabbed state trooper 1 ref and gave him a steamcode instead and he kept saying im a scammer when i clearly stated in chat first to 3 loses 2017-07-20 16-42-17.mp4 again sorry for the rude language in the vid i could not control my anger plz dont be made at me ):
  14. TTiny

    here is the picture like you asked for. but even thought i left dont you think that he should accpet it anyways? he didnt accpet it bec he thinks i will forgot so he is trying to take a chance from me
  15. TTiny

    ttiny just came and challenged me to a crab for 1 ref, i agreed so we crabbed the score was 1-0 ttiny is the left one then 2-0 then 2-1 then 3-1 i told him i had to go bec i needed to go somewhere so i left tf2 but was on the home paged and i was still recording to see if he would give me the ref. i went to dress up and he still hasent givin me the ref, i tried to add him but he wont reply. and then my parents said that we have to wait another 5-10 min bec the car needs to come back from my dads work so i kept tf2 on and when i went to check the offers i saw that he cancled the trade. the vid says it all. the first one is the whole thing and the secound is the aftermath. Keep this video just incase he lies or something ps: the one that says spycrab is the full one and the other one with no name or whatever is the aftermath. spycrab.mp4 if this vid dosent work i will upload it to youtube