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  1. JeffTheSlayer

    STEAM_0:0:84035950 this id is the one i don't know but when i clicked steam rep, it didn't read it so yeah.
  2. JeffTheSlayer

    i was not witnessed to this but inferno was kind enough to send me screenshots of the crab from the console. it was a obviouse spycrab runner without paying up if you can't see it clearly here is the chat log of the scores but most importantly is that jeff ran and declined the trade right after he crabbed 3 times
  3. Captain beeky

    refused to give the 6 ref to hackerman i started to record when the scores were 2-1 because i already knew he was going to run away. then declined the trade from hackerman if you want more proof because my vid does not have enough evidence hackerman can upload screenshots
  4. Thermal Thruster destroying buildings in friendly mode

    I think this has already been reported by darker did you want it to make it more easier for the founders? Lol because founders could understand you more.
  5. Phatcow7

    oh yeah that i borrowed keys from demo and he wanted one key back and i said if i give you 1 key back will you friend me back and he said yes but when i gave it to him he was like ha i was joking bitch
  6. Phatcow7

    anyways as this is a report of me i am not going to talk anything here from now on i leave it to the admins to decide
  7. halloween

    you cant use spells when you get out of friendly mode. when you are friendly for some reason and type !friendly that gets you out of friendly mode right? well when you roll a halloween spell and try to use it it wont let you and instead just floats your arm up in the air and yes limaaa you know about this
  8. Grant Denyer

    btw it goes heat if you skip like the first bits
  9. Grant Denyer

    LIMAAA HELP MEEEEEE. to many spycrab runners btw he blocked me after
  10. spycrab

    just found this out like 2 sec ago while testing the spycrab rooms with limaaa when the servers came back on. when you want to spycrab you have to go spy right? but when you are a different class and you do !challenge it puts you in a tpose position and you cant crab
  11. RealJerryHours

    now real jerry. he has been acting up lately and what i mean by acting up is he doesn't follow the rules. everytime admins are on he gets nice as ♥♥♥♥ and i mean legit. he got 2 warnings about killing people on the roof. and guess what he does it again looks like he does not know the rules. second when admins are off he starts being a ♥♥♥♥ and calling me a scammer. but when they are on he acts nice and doesnt do anything stupid taking advantage right? i dont know what this report will get to but please to talk to him. i dont think he gets the rules of egc and he is even a lifetime. lifetime donators should know the rules by now and follow them
  12. Dr blyat

    This is gonna be a long one. i was on the server us west spycrabbing for a craft hat the score was 1-0 1-1 2-1 3-1. the person i was crabbing. i then got accused from dr.blyte that i was cheating. he then called me a scammer for no reason because i had 99 keys in stock. he then called me a ♥♥♥♥ and kept going on with his stupid bullshit. i am also going to report 3 people but for now this is a report for dr.blyte. he has been also been taking advantage. when admins are on for example freak show he acts nice and doesnt swear or call me a scammer. when they are gone he starts calling me a ♥♥♥♥ and i should get banned from egc. he said that on the mic i got a recording. thats all for now got 2 more reports coming your way
  13. Spell Bug

    Luna spells aren't the only thing that sets enemies on fire I made a bug report and it was about fire breath also making friendly's set on fire because of the Splash damage but still spells do hurt you
  14. Banning for Trial Admins.

    well ban for trial admins s prob not a good idea you never know. trial admins are people who just got their trust from limaaa and kerrr. people turn on people you know for example a trial admins hates egc and just bans everyone for no reason like abusing their power. i think once the new trial admins get announced the old ones will get picked and eventually admins are on 24/7 just saying my word here.