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  1. So put it in coding and if made sure that it has no malicious code in it I will probably take out the link
  2. Well well well so I made a discord bot it's kinda a fun bot it welcomes people, I'll show you a what one command looks like in code the command is purge deletes a certain amount of messages here is the code } else if (message.content.startsWith(prefix + 'purge')) { let messagecount = parseInt(result);{limit: messagecount}).then(messages =>; } else and if your going into Atom right now to put this in it's not gonna work you need a token need to make the bot as a developer and you need to download discord.js and get node but I use pm2 ill show you what it looks like and don't try to download pm2 and do pm2 stop LunaBot that's not gonna work you need the file and token so that was a little bit about my bot feel free to download it if you want Bye
  3. my fav movie is central intelligence and my fav song is Rag'n'Bone Man-Human (Hope am not copying anyone)
  4. I like it
  5.[term]=Plate Spinning Midgets!!!&filters[primary]=images&filters[secondary]=videos&sort=1&o=1
  6. What's your point of view on fidget spinners and if you have one what colour is it hope am not copying anyone that if not seen
  7. we need a lot more than a roll
  8. Hi! I'm interested in making a make server but I have a problem I have everything setup but here's the deal the start.bat file will not open so i can't go into the server so could someone help me with this
  9. Cmd

    well were not alone
  10. Cmd

    I was making an sfm poster then thought 'you know what I want to make a cmd matrix' so I made it and turned it into a gif here it is sorry if its blurry
  11. this is soo going to get abused hope it get's fixed
  12. FREE

  13. Hi I saw this guy/woman on The sever and he said he was doing a scrap to unusaul i told him to stop but he kept on doing it i took a screenshot here it is i dont know if your not allowed to beg or if theres like a serious topic on it sorry if am wasting any admins time trade_plaza0022.tga
  14. This is the new darwins danger shield
  15. emmm sorry but its not scamming thats called lowballing i would edit it