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  1. I am selling 1 scout unusual for 22 keys pure or unusual 1:1 the effect of the unusual is Miami Nights Send me a trade offer if interested
  2. FREE

  3. Hi I saw this guy/woman on The sever and he said he was doing a scrap to unusaul i told him to stop but he kept on doing it i took a screenshot here it is i dont know if your not allowed to beg or if theres like a serious topic on it sorry if am wasting any admins time trade_plaza0022.tga
  4. This is the new darwins danger shield
  5. emmm sorry but its not scamming thats called lowballing i would edit it
  6. I love it
  7. I was advertising and then he asks me if i want to level up my unusaul i said no then he got butthurt and called me the n word here is the screenshot sorry for the bad spelling dyslexia
  8. off to edit it again
  9. Selling A unusual Wing man for 11 keys pure the effect is Neutron Star send me a trade offer
  10. There you go But i think Minidove explaned it better
  11. Hi this is a double report but am doing anorther report so am in the game server (us) and everone is like hiiiiiii is hacking so i tested him out and i was invisbul and he headshoted me but he will probly be vac banned sadly the demo is too big so i dont really have any evidance
  12. This is a question I know you cant advertise your youtube and stuff like that but can you advertise that you will make a sfm poster.
  13. He was doing the teleporter spy glitch and was letting red spys in the base heres a demo file teleporter.dem.dem the demo is pretty long
  14. i dont know
  15. i have *GEAR* NOC MONITER ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SUM VISION GAMING SERIS MOUSE KANE PRO EDITION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GAMING SERIES KANE PRO KEYBOARD ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ LIFE IS BETTER WITH A FRENCH BULLDOG MOUSE PAD *CUSTIMAZIED* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HP TOWER 1 Totaly never copy and pasted my steam bio