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  1. Are You excited for Star wars the Last Jedi?
  2. Spoopyboi

    ok, so ik am not an admin. -You Need to Read the Requirements So Like How old u are Put ur steam rep in there are u currently a donator? ect put more info into it
  3. Toki Doki

  4. TF2 failing to update

    are you sure about that http://www.endlessgamers.com/forum/55-support/
  5. SpookyDirtyDan

    Not an admin But this is ur STEAMID: STEAM_0:0:224041558
  6. Hello!

    Hello there
  7. Cmd

    ohhh it was a txt one
  8. Cmd

    haha unlucky at my school when I was there they blocked cmd but you could make urself an admin and bypass it easy peasy also was the code to shutting it down "shutdown -i"
  9. RTD perks explained!

    this was very useful thank you LiMaaa
  10. Spell Bug

    So I was in friendly mode at enemy spawn and Someone came out and used a spell that sets enemies around them on fire and I was set on fire even tho I was in friendly mode thx for taking a look
  11. nickname

    The Cow of insanity
  12. Banning for Trial Admins.

  13. "Server is hibernating"

    Thank u so much
  14. "Server is hibernating"

    So I was on my tf2 server and I went off it and I realized that it was "hibernating" I did a little research and found out the server shuts down and no1 except me can join if tried fixing this, for example "sv_hibernate_when_empty 0" but It was not working hope that someone can help me