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  1. i had to choose between dodgeball and normal
  2. Giusepe

    admins/owners of this server please add me and dm me if it needs extra stuff
  3. Giusepe

    My name is Giusepe and i am here to apply for admin (2nd application) first of all, i want to become admin to help the EGC servers, example: stop mic spams, stop scammers, ban hackers, host events/raffles (if allowed), i dont' have many hobbies expect gaming, i don't really have any interests at the time of writing this,one skills i have are, i am a good trader and i keep prices reasonable, i am 16 years old, i have been with the EGC community roughly 2-4 months, i am also a pretty sarcastic/humorous guy so i can take a joke. Thank you for reading this short admin application and hopefully i get accepted P.S. Yes ECG i was serious
  4. Bill Nye The Russian Spy

    Hello My Name Is Bill Nye The Russian Spy, I Am Here To Apply For The Endlessgamers Servers Possibly If Not My Favorite Trade Server, I Want Admin Because I Want To Help With The Server And Those Mic Spammers, I Want A Happy Community For A Good Server Like This, I Can Do Lots Of Different Stuff As Long As You Tell Me, I Am Pretty Chill Guys But Sometimes Just Rage But If You Want Me I Will keep My Chill, Some "Skills" I Have I Can Snipe Pretty Well I Am A Pretty Good Trader Mostly Keeping Prices Reasonable At Times Going Overboard Thats All Really Thank You For Taking Your Time To Read This And Hopefully Just Hopefully I Can Get Accepted. P.S. My Backpack Is Not Worth Much If You Need To Know