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  2. Hey Guys, I'm Selling All of my Unusuals Which Include -1 of 1 Circling Heart Antlers- ----- 900 Keys Pure, 1000+ in Offers -Green Energy Das MaddenDoktor ----- 75 Keys Pure, 85+ in Offers -Eerie Orbiting Fire Hat with No Name ----- 74 Keys Pure, 80+ in Offers -Molten Mallard Dread Hiding Hood ----- 70 Keys Pure, 75+ in Offers -Sulphurous Detective Noir ----- 58 Keys Pure, 65+ in Offers -Vivid Plasma Noble Amassment of Hats(w/ 2 spells) ----- 36 Keys Pure, 40+ in Offers -Cloud 9 Ye Olde Baker Boy(w/ 1 spell) ----- 33 Keys Pure, 39+ in Offers -Haunted Ghosts Brigade Helm ----- 30 Keys Pure, 35+ in Offers -Internal Flames Battin' a Thousand ----- 26 Keys Pure, 28+ in Offers -Nuts and Bolts Modest Pile of Hat ----- 25 Keys Pure, 28+ in Offers -Terror-Watt Herald's Helm ----- 24 Keys Pure, 28+ in Offers -Terror-Watt Platinum Pickelhaube ----- 22 Keys Pure, 25+ in Offers -Memory Leak Heavy Duty Rag ----- Offers -Orbiting Planets Platinum Pickelhaube ----- 14 Keys Pure, 17+ in Offers -Bubbling Mann of Reason ----- 14 Keys Pure, 17+ in Offers -Bubbling Hermes ----- 14 Keys Pure, 17+ in Offers -Kill-a-Watt Magistrate's Mullet ----- 13 Keys Pure, 16+ in Offers -Nuts n' Bolts Dragonborn Helmet ----- 11 Keys Pure, 13+ in Offers I'm not Accepting Painted Items, Skins or Unpriced Unusuals Not Really Interested in Upgrading I'd be very interested in Downgrading Feel Free to Send an Offer, Add me or Post here, worst I can do is say nty. My Bp.tf --- http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198016070169 My Steam Rep --- https://steamrep.com/?id=76561198016070169 My Trade Link --- http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=55804441&token=1FOIj6ie I Update this every time I sell an Unusual or get a new one so feel free to bookmark this for the future!
  3. [TF2] New server map vote!

    No Upward? ;-;
  4. -Itsy-

    I usually work about 3-5 days a week from the hours of 10-7am PDT, on those days I do work I can spend upwards of 4-7 hours on in the morning. On days I don't work I don't usually have a set schedule so I can be on all day if needed, but if it's not an emergency I'd probably be on the servers around 3-5 hours. I'm always online as I have the steam app on my phone on pretty much at all times, even when I'm not at home, so getting a hold of me will never be an issue. When it comes to the sourcemod admin system, I've heard of it but I've never used it myself, althought I'm more than happy to learn. If it's any consolation I do currently live with someone Irl who has used it in the past .
  5. -Itsy-

    Hello, my names Sean though most people just refer to me as Itsy, I'm 22 years old and I live in Washington U.S.A. I've been on the Egc servers for awhile, but only been on the forums a few weeks. I've been playing Tf2 and trading in Tf2 for about 7 years now and have about 3,600 hours. I know a lot about trading and I'm more than happy to help people learn the basics of it. I've had previous job experience as a customer service associate at a few different places, one being a local grocery store and one being a family run company so I know how to handle people. I currently have a full time job working overnight so I'm usually on in the early morning Pacific Standard time. Usually if I'm on Tf2, you can find me in the U.s server hanging out. Although I've never been an admin on any Tf2 server, for awhile in 2014-2015 I would help out the admins of another tf2 community know as Team Interrobang. I've been a Lifetime Donator for a few months and have loved every second of it. If you guys have any questions feel free to ask, and thanks for considering.
  6. Hello

    The song of my people
  7. Hello

    Hey look I made an account, only took me a billion and a half years to do it. If I'm on Tf2 it probably means I'm on the US Server, otherwise I'm usually playing some random game. Hello people!