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  1. Obvious racial slurs.
  2. r3d


    Repeated offensive slur.
  3. r3d

    Alpha #5

    Spamming chat when posting his trade advertisement in chat / Saying n-word. Demo: 2095.dem (N-Word) Important ticks: 270, 790, 3700, 4800,
  4. r3d

    coolsans com

    Utterly spamming mic / interrupting trade advertisements. And maybe underage, not sure. Demo: demo1020.dem Important ticks: 1700 (loud), 2200, 3200, 4100-5300(interrupting trade ad.) 5400 Rest of the demo is quiet.
  5. r3d

    Pro s♥♥♥♥

    Spamming annoying bind / Offensive slur.
  6. r3d

    Infinite heal bug

    With this exploit, a lifetime donator can go medic with the amputator taunt and slow down their taunt speed using taunt poser and set it to 0x speed. If you're around the amputator healing range and switch to the other team you will regen health until you're back to full hp. This bug only works if the medic on the other team is alive. With doing that, the taunt will go on until the medic dies, changes classes, or leaves the game. Bug demo: demo15.dem
  7. r3d


    Obvious offensive terms. Said multiple times. Nothing else really.
  8. r3d

    Bread Santa

    Straight up chat spam Happens at tick: 11000 Around the beginning, he announces and tries to mic spam the song, but his mic doesn't seem to work. Other ticks, beside one provided, aren't worth anything. dem3.dem
  9. r3d

    Varia & Livid

    Both of them are racist and offensive terms. Also, both individuals said n-word without -er, but don't know how that scheme works. Important ticks: 1400 2600 8400 13600 14800 That's all dem2.dem
  10. r3d


    Blatant aimbot/triggerbot.Doesn't look in direction of me as I shoot him, but flicks directly on my person as soon as he shoots. 1st demo (Should be obvious from the start, my pov): 1-25-19.dem Important ticks: 290~, 4300, 5000 (better if slowed down), 6100 (Better if slowed down) 2nd demo: (Danny's pov): aimbot.dem In this demo, he is still constantly looking in one direction, like the other demo, as he walks freely around the map. Important ticks: 560-630 (best if slowed down), 780-830 (best if slowed down), Note that when he responds as Engineer, he is facing the whole opposite direction. (Tick: 4400 slowed down)
  11. r3d


    Repeatedly spamming N-Word
  12. r3d


    Current age: 18 Active TF2 hours: 1716 Current Donator: Yes I'd say I'm very active on the US-West server and the Discord server. I'm on every day for both in-game and Discord. I am very fond of most EGC admins and players. Currently, I have online school so my hours are from 12:00 PM PST - 12:00 AM PST (All week) *Updated* Weekends are All day. I'm not a busy person, so it's easy to get in contact with me if needed. *Updated* I have never been in an Admin position, but I'm very familiar with Admin commands and abilities. I appreciate you taking the time to read this and I hope for the best!