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  1. Zombie

    Zombie Mann

    Im not a donater. im poor. Might be able to soon. I am not currently an admin on any server but i do have experence Im going to get dontaer very soon. I have some bday mney leffover. Who many keys is it?
  2. Zombie

    Zombie Mann

    I ment to put yes as admin on another server. sorry
  3. Zombie

    Zombie Mann

    I have applied for admin on this server before and the only problem was my age. Im 15 now and i would like to help out the server as much as i can, running ingame rafles and random events etc. I have past experience as an admin on smaller gmod servers helping staff and i also helped out on small mincraft sever. I hope that this is the required amount of experience for this server. I have ruffly 560 hours of tf2 experience and about 20-40 hours of admin experience.
  4. Can you please review my apalcation please Allanon.

    1. Jeby


      Give it time mate, he isn't online. Look at the bottom of the main page

  5. Zombie


    Good luck for geting admin. Hope you get the position!
  6. Zombie

    Zombie Man

    Hi fridge! Im 14 turning 15 in 4 mothes. Nave experece being an admin on gmod severs that have up to 80 players. I had mistaken a nother sevdr for this one which is why i said i play here offten. But that was a mistake. I was recomended thiz sever by some friends of mine and i enjoyed spending time on your sever. I hope my age is not a problem. Love Zombie( or Gabe) (Ps nice profile pic bro)
  7. Zombie

    Zombie Man

    Im applying for admin becuse this sever derves an admin thats on every day for most of the year to clean up after the users and keep the sever in shape. I was ispired by your staff on new years and disided that this sever is in need of soem help. Sinserly, Gabriel (or Zombie)