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  1. KodakLotus


    Update: I will now be fairly inactive for at least 6 months. I have taken on two coaching jobs along with joining a high level football team that is competiting in the FFA cup. Along with work and uni I will no longer have time to be on the servers frequently enough to justify applying to become an admin at the current time. I appreciate the team considering my application and I will hopefully be able to help as much as I can when I am able. Thank you again, Kodak.
  2. KodakLotus


    Update he has now declined the trade confirming spycrab fraud
  3. KodakLotus


    Spycrabbed Vertex on the servers. 3 keys vs. 2 bills hats. I won 3-2 and traded him. He accepted in the trade offer but has not accepted through mobile. It has now been over an hour since and he went offline without accepting. Thanks to hazz_Mcpie for the recording. Screenshot of trade offer is also uploaded with a screenshot of my attempt to contact him. I also have sent him an add.
  4. KodakLotus


    For future reference, best way to have evidence is to record the whole spycrab encounter. If not then you need to screenshot the chat logs and upload those as evidence. Best course of action is to get the user to agree to spycrab you (by name) with the amount you are spycrabbing. Then get them to agree to first to 3 loses (general rules are first to 3 loses but some people change it). From there keep track of the scores in the chat log until someone loses. If they accept your trade offer, accept the trade and decline then that’s extra evidence. Screenshot all the above and the user disconnecting and upload that as evidence.
  5. Agreed to crab 1 key in the server against me. Agreed that first to 3 loses, hackerman2000 kept score in chat. Once he lost he instantly disconnected. Proof: https://imgur.com/a/W5seJ GGWP me. :)
  6. KodakLotus


    Yasssss queen
  7. KodakLotus


    Worst thing that could happen is I get rejected so why not. I'm the best carrot in existence. Steven Smith amazing and Freakshow loves him. Been around EGC for many a year, with a lot of hours spent trading, making cash, ruining enemy snipers (especially Freakshow) and spycrabbing. I would say I've become pretty well known amongst all the regulars and hopefully am respected enough to apply for this position. Always loved this community, was the first server I fell in love with and I have recently become a lifetime member. Many people will know I'm always happy to help them out with anything they need, whether it be trading information, brokering or any general things. I have brokered over 800 keys worth of unusuals including approximately 500 keys for admins free of charge unless they offer to pay (Allanon, Roosef and Freakshow). As a regular I try to be as vocal as I can to enforce any rules regardless of the lack of power I have and I believe I have made a slight difference with what I have at hand. I'm not afraid to voice my opinion or speak my mind about anything happening in the server. I'm applying as an admin as I believe I can help the trade servers become a more friendly place for our community by combating the rule breakers. I have experience dealing with young children and adolescents in leadership roles as I have both coached and captained various football teams over the past 4 years. A few things about me. 19 years of age (20 in may). 3rd Year university student (Bsc Human Biology) (time availability will not be as much of an issue as I am available 5/7 days per week). I work from home. Avid sportsman. Over 10 years as a high level competitive swimmer, currently playing Futsal, 6-a-side football, Football and cricket. Ex-captain of my Football team from 2015-2016 (final year together). Played tf2 since release, over 2500 hours (around 2000 in the past 2-3 years). SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA. What more can I say. Hope you take my application under consideration!
  8. KodakLotus


    I have been spycrabbing 80+ keys for the past 4 days and had no problems with anyone until this guy.
  9. KodakLotus


    User advertised spycrabbing for 1 key, i promptly asked him to spycrab for 1 key and we agreed. I used chat to keep track of score until i won 3-1. He then immediately disconnected and turned his profile to private.