Server Rules

No cheating, glitching or hacking
Cheating or hacking of any kind will not be tolerated(,) including, but not limited to: Aimbot, speed hacks, walls, auto airblast scripts, texture modifications, name changers, ip maskers, ping hacks etc.

Glitching is also not tolerated, users found to be exploiting server plugins, map features or game mechanics to gain an unfair advantage or to grief may be treated as if they are cheating. Building teleporters into spawn is using a game mechanic to grief and isn't allowed.
No scamming or deceptive behaviour
If you scam, attempt to scam or influence another person to do so, you will be banned(,) including, but not limited to: Spycrab fleeing, lying about prices to gain leverage or profit, threatening a player for items, claiming to sell an item other than the one you are actually selling, renaming items with the intent to confuse or misguide traders, impersonating someone with malicious intent, openly admitting to scamming (past, present or future), money reversals, fake steam wallet codes or fraudulent schemes.

We have a zero tolerance on scamming and almost all scam attempts are permanent bans.
Do not spam chat or mic
Spamming mic and chat is just irritating, therefore it is not allowed excessively, minor silly moments are fine but make sure to have respect for others. Playing music on mic, speaking over others, spamming chat or mic with adverts and/or lenny / troll faces is considered spamming. Users should familiarise themselves with the 1 trade advertisement per chat cycle rule, meaning advertise and once it disappears you can paste it again.

Even if you have multiple advertisements, only 1 should show in the chat at any given time.
Do not abuse or impersonate others
Abuse and severe trolling isn't tolerated across the EGC servers. Speaking over others, severe profanity, racism, admin disrespect, impersonation, passive trolling, spreading personal information, defaming or actions leading to the abuse of another player will result in a ban. Treat others how you would like to be treated.

You are not allowed to impersonate admins, users doing this will be dealt with accordingly.
No third party advertising
We do not allow third party advertising or external linking here. This means that you cannot advertise or post illicit links to hacks, scams, phising sites, porn sites, ip addresses, other steam groups or otherwise inappropriate material. This rule exists because we cannot verify the integrity of links or other steam groups that may be malicious. Advertising "official" valve content or EGC content (forums, steam group etc.) is fine.

Trading or adding users to advertise or invite them to unapproved content is considered circumventing this rule and will not be tolerated.
No derogatory sprays - Check visual content policy
Endless Gamers ideals reflect a community that is accepting and built upon a wide variety of cultural and social differences. Images, videos and other visual media uploaded and / or otherwise distributed via our services must not contain content that is considered offensive or violates our visual content policy.

Not sure what's allowed? Click here to see our Visual Content Policy
Spy crabbing 5+ keys requires an EGC admin
Spycrab at your own discretion. It is best to record your crabs so you have proof in case your opponent runs. Users participating in spycrabs over 5 keys must call an EGC admin to middleman or monitor the crab. This is to ensure you are safe. Don't worry, we don't take any commission but any donation you would like to make to an admin for their time is greatly appreciated.
Only admins can hold raffles on our servers
There are numerous raffle groups and raffle scams out there, a lot are illegitimate and setup to either be rigged or to steal from you. Because of this we do not allow users to hold raffles on the EGC servers or advertise raffles to other members.

Staff try to hold monthly raffles and will implement a better system in the future.
No steam account, cd key or gift card sales
You are free to trade practically anything you want with a few exceptions. We only allow trading of items, vouchers, games and content that is provided via the steam trading platform. This is to keep trading safe and limit the number of scams that occur. Promises of trading something at a later date is not permitted. We prohibit trading of third party materials. This includes, but is not limited to: CD Keys, Gift Cards, External accounts (Minecraft, Youtube, Facebook, Itunes, Steam accounts) etc.
Donators be awesome, don't grief
Donors are people who donate to help support the community, in return we offer exclusive perks. As a donor you should be setting a good example, not using your perks or privileges to cause grief. Have fun, but make sure it is within the guidelines.

We are grateful for your donation but circumventing rules or using your donor status and/or perks to grief may result in your privileges being limited or removed.