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    Age: 19 SteamRep: http://steamrep.com/search?q=hazz_mcpie Hours as of this post: 6,173 Lifetime Donator: Yes Availability: My availability is very open, even during weekdays as I have two flexible casual retail jobs, this can help for when all the other Admins are either at school or work during the day. I would be less available tho on the weekends as my jobs require me more then. Times/shifts vary so I can not give a set time for when I available during the days. Skills: * SourceMod commands * Sourcebans * Discord * Steam Groups * Recording, streaming and editing game footage * Doing background research on steam accounts * Identifying hackers from non-hackers * TF2 Trading Past Admin positions: Did around 8 to 10 months working as a Head Admin for FYRE-G, a Jailbreak community. I managed staff, appeals, reports, balanced the gamemode gameplay by editing the rules and engaging with the community on the discord. Loved this position the best, learnt so much from it 1 month as Admin/Co-Owner for BSS, Bunnings Snags Straya, a fun mixed server that did fortwars and trade for a bit. Owner was Miller, so yeah. Group was dead before it even began lol. 1 month as Mod on Crunchy Bananas, trade server and freeze tag server. Did general administration on the servers, nothing too crazy. Interesting facts about me: * Brown hair and eyes. * Own two small dogs (you'll hear them in the background sometimes on my mic when they bark). * Main Soldier and Scout in TF2. * Favourite unusual effect is Haunted Ghosts. * 249 tours in the Mann Vs. Machines Two Cities. * Own a light grey Hyundai Elentra 2004(-ish).
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    Hey, it's me. What are my skills? Really basic coding skills in python 3. 2 Years experience in 2018 Inventor Professional AutoCAD Skills (Reference in post. If for some reason you want your map in the Australian National CAD Standard format, I can't do that.) I have lived on this earth of 16 years. Cool stuff 2600+ Hours on TF2 (Because I have no other hobbies) 11d time clocked on in the server Past Donator (Donated around 2~3 times, not too sure) Been on forums since 2015, Been on server since 2014 Steam Rep+ Approved https://steamrep.com/search?q=STEAM_1%3A0%3A54224902 Steam Account https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198068715532 Why am I making this application? Essentially, I've been on the server for awhile, though I may not fit the role as an admin very well as an honest opinion, I always like to see the feedback and what you guys think, and how I can improve myself. In the end, I love the server and it's always nice to have a place to either talk to others, make trades or to make myself feel like I'm good at the game by getting a 25 killstreak so that random mario remix song comes up. I enjoy the social aspect of EGCs trade servers, especially the hype and tension of the events (I'm still annoyed I lost that heavy boxing event at 300hp vs a 50hp heavy) Anyways, It's sort of a way I can give back to the server for having a pretty good time on it, so hopefully my somewhat novel skills in 3D CAD modelling or my year 10 IST equivalent level python 3 can help you guys out. ~~~ A more sophisticated application for KeRRR
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    Edit: Changed to 25 Killstreak (I have committed a moral sin)
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    Hey Jaesuki, This is up in discussion among the admins. We will get back to this with a decision. As always, thanks for the report.
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