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    Looking for people for my ready steady pan team. REQUIREMENTS 200hrs+ on tf2 pan must be ready to play at any time
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    I'll be honest this is a hard decision for me as it clearly is something that was made personal by this person. Initially coming in spamming the mic with music I'd asked you stop and when u continued were muted, and your retaliation for that is to use my name for what purpose I have no idea but one can only assume to drag my reputation down somehow. I know that you were spoken to several times by several Admins and still made the decision to do what you did, my question is how do I know you won't do this again regarding another situation you don't like? How do I know you're not still using my name on other servers to continue to attempt to mislead others? It's because of this I can't allow your appeal to be successful. You were given many chances to stop and the end decision after much thought was to perm ban you. Perhaps sometime away from EGC will help you appreciate the server more and an appeal in the future can be considered. But I think for now you should accept the consequences of your actions. You can re-appeal in 1 month.
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