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    that was suggested 2 years ago lmao
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  3. 2 points
    Why not both?
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    OFC, but i also want scrims vs my team. Tournaments will take a dedicated server that kerr-limaa let us use. Scrims just require an hrs notice to serveme.tf
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    Do you want a tournament, or not? Cuz I do.
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    A scrim isnt a tournament or an official. This would be more along the lines of a tournament. A scrim is more for practice/logs dont count for anything.
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    I agree. Maybe we can setup a registration and offer prizes to winning members / teams. Good idea! Maybe also a tf2 scrim and csgo?
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    Anyone interested in doing like a massive EGC scrim sometime in the summer (ill be off for the next few weeks cuz of a broken laptop screen and finals)?
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    User is spamming mic, as well as trolling. I have banned him for a week. If he continues after that, make another report. Cheers!
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    Could it be possible that in the future we can have maybe 1 or 2 EGC comp teams to play in UGC leauges?
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    I kinda want a tourney tbh, i'd probably work best due to how many timezones and how much stuff people have. Scrim would be fun if we could find people tho.
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    @LiMaaa @KeRRR Your bot is bullying me.
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    Only 5th on scrap at the end https://clips.twitch.tv/SpunkyExcitedDelicataYouWHY
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    in_game nah probably discord would be the way to go. Set up one server localised to australia for one team, one in america for the other, that should deal with delay, maybe reduce the bandwidth as well.
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    If this happens, would we use mumble or discord? bc from personal experience mumble has a smaller delay than discord which would be better for calls. Or would we use the teamspeak?
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    Hell yea, but the first one should be just egc members or sommat. Start small, if we get a decent turnout, we can go from there. Anyone got internet fast enough to stream? Edit: I've seen a few fairly small and crappy rust events get sponsorships as well from shit like mwave. if this becomes a regular thing (or a thing at all) we could go for legit prizes
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    EGC Nations The biggest event of the century TF2 and CS:GO Australia VS America Who will win? (clearly AU...) Prize Pool is LiMaaa and KeRRR's entire inventory split between the team Book now at TickeTek! In all seriousness. If this becomes a thing, I'd be happy to create internet flyers 'n' shit while Minidove (the other media staff guy) spreads the word. This is a great idea. It will add a level of competitiveness to a community that is based around friendly trades. More-so, it will allow both the nations to merge and possibly create more friendships between the two nations.
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    in cs and tf2 sounds like fun. Aim for a weekend time where us and au collide perhaps? (depending on turnout)
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    im up to pwn some noobs in csgo that is, in tf2 im actually trash lol
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    We do have trial admin. That's the first step if you are accepted into admin staff. I personally have never met you. You seem well spoken but alas I haven't seen you much on the servers. Maybe hang around the forums, get to know some of the other staff? I'll leave it for some other admins opinions as I barely know you. Thanks for your application
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    I'd be in. But we should do an Aussie one and an American one. Nobody wants to wait 5 seconds for a headshot to register. And if there's anything that I have learned from CSGO, alot can happen in 5 seconds.
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    6v6 (or 9v9) match without anything on the line. A comp match that isnt a pug but is also not an official.
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    Scrimmage aka Skirmish
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    Wtf is a scrim?
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