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    Changed Status to Accepted
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    I have reviewed this report. The user was honest and cooperated with staff, therefore the minimum 3 month ban for hacking will apply. You have been banned from our servers. You are still able to access our discord. You may appeal your ban in 3 months time and it will be reviewed.
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    I don't know why you think egc has been dying, apart from bugs and some issues we have had more player flow than ever. Also i want to reiterate that admins have taken no sides, we are assessing the report fairly and unbiased. The truth of the matter Fras is you are making something dramatic when it doesn't need to be. Adolf may in your eyes be not fit for admin, but you and keybae did not take the correct measures in reporting adolf's actions if you felt that he was not handling admin correctly. In fact I have had no previous reports from you or any other regulars about adolf or any other admin. I feel that if you were really concerned about adolf's actions and you felt the way he was handling himself as an admin was unfair to the community. that you would have made a report or at least contacted me to discuss any issues and seek help to resolve them, that wasn't done. What seems to be the case is that you and keybae have a gripe with adolf, that you have made a decision in your own minds that he isn't fit for admin and you made it your aim to troll, undermine or disturb him whilst he is on the servers. Looking at the report it seems the only point at which you and keybae felt the need to report adolf was when he banned you guys, making it seem like you are only irritated with the way he dealt with you vs concerned for the general community. I say this because you seem to state so often that he is an unfit admin and you care about EGC a lot, which i believe you do care for EGC, but you didn't even dedicate the time to talk to me sooner about adolf or any other issues, instead you make assumptions that we are siding with admins before we have even come to a conclusion and just decide to walk out on the community? In all honesty if you are willing to leave egc at the drop of a hat due to the result of your own actions I really contemplate how much dedication you really had towards this community?! That being said I have no hard feelings towards you or Keybae, but i do believe that you guys broke the rules and intentionally tried to cause mischief which clearly backfired and I don't think it's fair to turn the spotlight onto adolf or EGC regarding this specific matter. I think sometimes you need to grow up, admit you f*** up and move on. As for admin behavior, we do take admin roles very seriously here and we try our best to train and make sure every admin is at his/her best, We will be looking into any admin issues that arise and handling them the best way we can, but you need to talk to us if you have issues, running egc takes a lot from everyone, including the admins, so make our lives easier and work with us to resolve issues, not against us. P.S. Nice song, cant stop listening to it.
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