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  • KeRRR

    When you say you're going to take an hour nap, but wake up hours later: 92daf5aefc5d8fce0aeab80722b68fc5--i-take

  • Hoste  »  Fallen

    Hi, I am writing this in regards to the permanent ban placed on you from a spycrab fraud report. I am not an admin, but I keep my head close to theirs, especially when it comes to player reports. I would first like to state that I understand your intentions when you created a player report, or at least what you made out your intentions to be. I will say now that admins - including the two owners themselves - do not stop at the evidence the reporter supplies, but also seeks evidence themselves, such as chat logs and chat history. The case you argued was that the user that initiated the report did not supply a link or screenshot to the server's saved chat logs. This case is flawed for the above reason. Admins don't take the word of unrecognized nor recognized users and rely solely on hard evidence. Don't go around yelling legal jargon like burden of proof and claim the effective system is run on a guilty until proven innocent basis, or that the community is bad because you didn't get the answer you wanted. From what I have seen, you're the bad one. After the extent you went to attempt in futility to say you should be unbanned was laughable. For your sake and of others', ♥♥♥♥ off. Cheers!

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  • Fallen  »  KeRRR

    wow, great community you have here... just glance over my post whilst you accerpt one without actual evidence of an agreement from the 2 parties agreeing to a bet. this is why Egc is such an aids server and the people who run it really need to finish past high school year 11.


  • SomeLombax

    I like Filthy Frank you guys, I'm too cool.


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