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  2. Im a little bit suspicious, especially once he just snapped onto me once I decloaked... hacker.dem
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  5. you freak.
  6. I like it
  7. So then the Soldier said, "You best be running before I get my shotty, towelhead!" Pampered_Pyro.png

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  10. Ah, Freakshow. You know we understand. I for one am glad to have such a wonderful admin on EGC, and honestly, g'donya for being vocal about this. The behavior from this guy is unacceptable, not just towards an admin, not just to a female gamer, but towards a person in gaming in general. There are many MANY people in this community that love you for the general good mood you bring us. You can bring smiles to our faces even when you're feeling a bit out of it. I think this guy in particular is ignorant as to what he's saying, but that doesn't excuse his behavior. Just know that the probable majority of us in the EGC community have the utmost respect for you and for our other admins and appreciate what you're doing. Obviously, the events aren't mandatory, and if they become too much of a labor, there's no need to do them. What I find baffling; however, is how he decided to wait for you to be gone, as if he didn't want to get in trouble with you in the first place. I think as a general rule, if you don't want to say something to someone's face, don't say it behind their back; it goes doubly for the internet, since you're totally anonymous. Thanks for bringing this up, and I just want to say that we shouldn't shun or harass this user, but instead hold him accountable for what he said. There's literally almost no need to say that kind of thing in the first place after an event. I'd like to bring up that it doesn't particularly matter what someone wins for an event, when the next event is, etc. The fact of the matter is that there are free items, and if you win, you win, and if you don't, don't throw a hissy fit about it. Anyway, this post is getting to be just a bit long so I'll finish it off. I think most people appreciate our admins at EGC, and you all hold a special place in our hearts.
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  13. I completely understand your worries freakshow. It doesn't just happen to you, well the sexist part maybe, but we all get insults from narrow minded people. I from time to time get the "better not piss him off, he owns the servers" "If he wasnt a founder i could speak my mind" etc. People just say dumb things when they are feeling inadequate. I know how annoying it is when you do events and people don't appreciate it. If i were you and i saw that I would have just silenced the player for 1 hour with reason: Disrespecting an admin with sexist remarks. I then wouldn't have wasted my time talking to him, but simply state, i find you disrespectful, change your ways if you want to be here. That's it. Not worth investing too much time with losers who cant grasp you are human being. I have no trouble at all with you muting noobs who are trolling, just make sure your reasons reflect professionalism which i already spoke to you about. People going to be people, kids going to be kids, and men going to be men. Don't take it personally, when they insult you like that its usually them really trying to say "♥♥♥♥, i dont get attention from this girl, she doesn't noticed me" then they pull out the insults. Thanks for voicing your concerns!
  14. Changed Status to Under Review
  15. We generally don't unban for hacking. Considering the time since your ban, I will talk to other admins and get their input on the matter.
  16. Changed Status to Under Review
  17. Yeah we will need a longer demo of gameplay, etc. Please provide more evidence a.s.a.p.
  18. this is probably pointless to make but I got banned for aim botting about 2 years ago I think, I know that you guys have a zero tolerance when it comes to hacking but I promise that I stopped hacking a long time ago. I play comp now so I definitely don't cheat anymore. I have friends that play on this server and it sucks that I can't go on just because I was a dumbass back when I was like 12 or something. I can understand if I'm not unbanned but yeah I'm not lying about never hacking / cheating again.
  19. I agree completely ^
  20. Yeah will need more proof from his point of view to action this
  21. 16 seconds and one kill doesn't prove a lot
  22. I can provide more evidence if you need me to, since this could be excused.
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  24. Munted is pretty much right. Besides, the majority of guys willing to harass women in-game, probably have never seen a vagina in real life, let alone dated for longer than a year. Guess it's just better to ignore these fools.
  25. Changed Status to Dismissed
  26. For future reference what you have here isnt considered suffient proof for a report. A demo file of the agreement and spycrab and/or screenshots of the agreement and score kept in chat is a minimum for us to be able to action a report
  27. ok all good he decided to give the key all good now you can dismiss it
  28. this person spycrabbed derpbot 1 key. he agreed to it and lost he would not give up the key and he wants to get banned there are also several other witnesses. these are the people who witnessed the crab if you have any questions ask them and if you want to contact me this is my profile anyways he said that he wants to get banned
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