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  3. Yes i am
  4. wow, great community you have here... just glance over my post whilst you accerpt one without actual evidence of an agreement from the 2 parties agreeing to a bet. this is why Egc is such an aids server and the people who run it really need to finish past high school year 11.


    1. KeRRR


      That's why you are appealing on an aids community? I provided you proof of your offence, then dismissed your appeal as you are in complete denial of the offence you committed: spycrab fraud. I have left you an option on your appeal to pay what is due if you want us to consider your appeal. The rest is up to you!

  5. Changed Status to Dismissed
  6. If he doesn't have such evidence of this, it is not my problem, why should i have to prove with my evidence that i didn't do these acts? it is normally the accuser that should have the sufficient evidence, and if that is not prevalent the individual should not be banned.
  7. I do have proof beyond reasonable doubt and that is why you were banned: That is the chat history tied to your steam account, showing you asking for 2 ref or 1 key spycrabs. That also has you stating the score and losing. The victim has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that you spycrabbed him with the intent of a bet. We have proof from his trade history and screenshots that you did not pay up, hence why you are and will remain banned. If you want a chance at an appeal, own your mistake, pay what is due to the victim and re-appeal.
  8. Also name changing is of my concern, That should not count towards evidence as it has nothing to do with spycrabbing and is a personal thing. This claim of him " intervening on another server," is completely untrue and i would like him to provide actual evidence instead of saying he did this and that.
  9. To start with, this is the link to the report on my ban. As you can see in the screenshots/ dodgy photographs you can see a trade offer to me asking for 2 ref. at no stage whatsoever did we agree to do it for any metal. This seems like a dodgy report to me and im actually astounded that it was sumbited. In the legal system you need solid proof to be able to find someone guilty of an offence. As you can see here all he has taken photos of chat, without evidene of me even being on the actual server. He and his friend could have just wrote this in chat and taken pictures for all i am aware. I would prefer to see actual screenshots stating we agreed to a 2 ref crab, and a video showing the crab, because i can send any old person a trade offer and write these numbers in chat, then take a photo of their profile and come on here and report them and get them banned, even though there is actually no evidence of that person ever spycrabbing. This is my point, that you have banned me on a report because it is far easier to accept and punish as many people as you can. If this were to be the case in real life, there would be numerous innocent people locked up for crimes that they weren't even present for. That is why the legal system has the burden of proof to be beyond reasonable doubt, and as this evidence is weak to be frank i see no reason for such a ban. Thank you and i hope you do the right thing ~Fallen
  10. Lets try this again. Just a little giveaway for my youtube channel / EGC. KeRRR has also graciously provided some EGC donor time for some of the prizes.
  11. Are you a donator at EGC?
  12. Roo

    Yes. I am a Trial Admin for the other community. Although, due to the different communities; EGC and CruBan. I know full well to separate opinions and relations from each community. However, I must mention that I do not go on CruBan regularly. There are next to nobody using the CruBan server as it is rapidly dying. I only join it to calm down and blow off some steam to deal with the previous mentioned problem. I completely agree, and again I apologise. I have been and will be continuing to work on the way I react to a situation, whilst disregarding everything that happens prior to entering the community. I am not as dedicated to Crunchy Bananas as I am to Endless Gamers, and anyone could see that. I have spent countless hours on EGC doing various things such as trading, chatting and developing friendships that have lasted months, even years. But as mentioned in my application, there are childish people within the EGC Community that abuse their right to use their microphone and chat whilst there being no admin online. This is why I made the application in the first place.
  13. Last week
  14. Im 17 years old
  15. Personally never met you but ai would include age in your app tbh
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  17. Roo

    Did your admin position eventuate with the other community you spoke of?
  18. May both sides of your pillow be warm.
  19. I want to apply for admin because i think i could be a huge help to the Endless Gamers Servers. I personally feel i would bring a nice blend of a serious Admin and a fun gameplay. I have become well introduced to the Endless Gamers Community having made many friends and enjoyed fun times. I feel that its time for me to get back to the server i enjoyed so much. I hope to be an admin soon.
  20. Changed Status to Accepted
  21. User has been muted for a day, he deliberately waited for me to leave until they started up, so they were aware it was against the rules. Thanks for the report
  22. Changed Status to Dismissed
  23. Ive dealt with this on server, thanks anyway for the report
  24. This guy isn't as bad, he's just joining the bandwagon; still rules are rules. JFC TURN YOUR VOLUME DOWN, THIS IS THE SAME CLIP FROM DEMONIC'S REPORT Listen, I'm probably gonna be crucified by the goofs on this server. C'est la vie. Time to go into hiding? Same as the others, micspamming cancerous music. I think he deserves less punishment, since he was just joining into Spotify's thing and wasn't doing cancerous trap like Demonic. If I get kidnapped by these stooges, I leave my inventory to Freakshow, Hoste, and Roo probably. I have another one, but I forgot to stop recording, there were some goofs joking, I don't really think that matters tho. Reported at: 1:27 AM whatthekuk.dem whatthefuk.dem
  25. What the actual Hell... Again, I'd hate to be the ruiner of fun, but it is extremely disappointing to leave for a few minutes just for this. Making another report for the guy mic spamming before this, if that's fine. Goofs are forever. Please turn down your volume for this one. I'm pretty sure it's just a self perpetuating cycle of kids wanting to be edgy or something. No seriously turn your volume down. Sooner rather than later would be preferable. Time of report: 1:21 AM whatthekuk.dem
  26. Right, I'd hate to be a ruiner of fun, but rules are rules and all... I was gone for a while, and I found a goof mic spamming; Big Time Rush in particular. Allanon was AFK. I have a demo. I've recorded a few if needed. This went on for some time. Judge me for snitching all you want, but I'm kind of tired of goofs on this server. The number has risen since the map change, I think. Dunno what consequence is. Time of report 1:12 AM. pls.dem
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