These guidelines are here to protect those who use our chatbox or discord, just as much as they are designed to assist those who moderate. By chatting here at EGC, you agree to abide by these guidelines and waive any right to continued membership should we deem it necessary to terminate said membership.



    • Links to topics are allowed (as long as they do not breach user group specific access or EGC policies). Do not spam a link or beg people to check it (this includes requests). The chatbox and discord are a place to chat and talk to other members and communicate in games. These channels are not to request help (use the appropriate support area). 


    • We will not tolerate excessive flaming, swearing, spamming or anything that could potentially have a negative impact on another member's enjoyment and general 'quality of life' (within reason). This includes, but is not limited to: gender, sexual preference, intelligence, stereotypes, age, race, etc. If discussions in the chatbox or discord are getting out of hand, seem offensive or inappropriate, PM or POKE a member of Staff with a message, screenshot or time stamp of the incident. We will take the necessary action(s). Check our Visual Content Policy for more information.

    Emoticon Gracefully

    • We all love a good emoticon, but please use them sparingly. It is ok to express yourself, but you don't need to put 100 with every comment. This will only make the content harder to read through and dull the meaning of 'forum emoticons'. Handle with care gamertarians.

    Multiple Accounts

    • You should only ever use one account and computer whilst on our discord. We understand that sometimes you need to upgrade or that odd fault finally kills your computer. Please notify a staff member if you change accounts or computers and need your status reinstated.
    • Users found using multiple accounts or lending accounts to others to reap rewards of donor perks or admin perks will be dealt with accordingly and may have their privileges removed from discord all together.

    Other Guidelines:


    Have a good time, act maturely, be friendly, make friends, and have fun! That's what this community is all about. Gaming talk, forum talk and all the 'good stuff' is very much allowed and encouraged. Treat others with dignity and respect. If someone is intentionally annoying you or breaking rules, make a player report or contact and admin. - KeRRR