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  • EGC | Oi Big Ears
    • Dismissed

    Hey, it's me.

    Do I think I'll be a good admin?



    Can I abuse the fact that I can apply to be an admin?



    Does anyone honeslty want a 16 year old on running their server?

    Double No.


    What are my skills?

    Really basic coding skills in python 3. (I can make a quiz if you need that, I don't know why. I'd show you it but it's gone)

    I occasionally walk my dog.

    Sometimes I do the dishes and feed my cat.

    2 Years experience in 2018 Inventor Professional AutoCAD Skills (Reference in post. If for some reason you want your map in the Australian National CAD Standard format, I can't do that.)

    Literally nothing else 


    Cool stuff

    2600+ Hours on TF2 (Because I have no other hobbies)

    11d time clocked on in the server (Because I have no other hobbies)

    Past Donator (Donated around 2~3 times, not too sure)

    Been on forums since 2015, Been on server since 2014 (Not like this helps my case)

    Steam Rep+ Approved https://steamrep.com/search?q=STEAM_1%3A0%3A54224902

    Steam Account (For losers) https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198068715532



      Applicants Information
    Name: Oi Big Earz
    SteamID: STEAM_1:0:54224902
    Position: Admin Staff
    Microphone: Yes
    Country: Aus
    Relevant skills: Mapping
    Admin on another server: No

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    Thanks for the application, Big Ears.

    Definately a unique application... 🤔 

    Good luck! 

    - Roosef

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    I think you have potential to be an admin, but due to the fact you don't seem to take it seriously and don't think you would be a great admin concerns me. Maybe it's a maturity level, re-apply if you are still active and can see another approach to your application. <3

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    SteamRep Approved = Clean SteamRep.

    Discord Activity = Active in our Discord.

    500+ Hours = 500 hours or more in TF2.

    Donator = Must be current donor at EGC.

    15+ = 15 years of age or older.

    Please be honest with your application you are more likely to be accepted. Users who are "dismissed" must wait a mandatory 3 months before re-applying, unless told otherwise by staff.

    If you give false or misleading information, you may be revoked from your position.

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