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  • mooggysnacks
    • Under Review

    ive been coming to this server for awhile i also have a lifetime donatorship for the servers i enjoy the egc cummunity and all of the staff and i would love to be apart of it

      Applicants Information
    Name: Mooggysnacks
    SteamID: STEAM_0:0:92317243
    Position: Admin Staff
    Microphone: Yes
    Country: united states
    Relevant skills: Not Sure
    Admin on another server: No
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    Hey Moogy. Thanks for the application.

    Just need to know some small details before we consider you as part of the team.

    • How many hours do  you have on TF2 currently?
    • How old are you?
    • Do you have any special skills?
    • You have any experience with administrating any other server?
      • If so, what was your role and for what server?
    • Are you employed, and will the hours of work effect your time on the servers and the Discord?


    Can't wait to hear from you again. 



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    hours 1452   / I'm 20/ none to do with computers ,very good communicator/I'm a jailer , I'm on most between 9am to 4pm and I'm a expert steaming effect trader lol 

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    Thanks for applying @mooggysnacks. Interesting job, could you tell me a little more about it?

    What roles in your current profession can you apply to your admin if you were given a chance?

    What time(s) can you be active on the servers and can anything change that activity in the future?

    Would you say you are computer savvy or find it difficult to learn new things on a pc?


    PS: I fixed your avatar as it seemed to be glitched ;)

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    I'm very good at talking to people go's with the job I know all yalls rules in an out. I love given advice , if I was given the chance to be a admin id take it very seriously like I do with my profession. I can be active on the servers from 9am to around 4:30 pm pretty much every day my work would not interfere with that since I go to work at 6pm . I'm good with computer and I'm very good at learning new things     


    ps. thank you for the avatar assistances lol 

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