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    Lunar Scythe

    • Accepted

    2nd time applying, what could go wrong?



    Lifetime Donor, Spycrab Aficionado, Clean SteamRep, and PLENTY of past experience with administration duties both in-game and on discord which include but is not limited to:


    • Chupathingy DarkRP - Garry's Mod, several hundred hours
    • Endless Gamers Community - Team Fortress 2, thousand+ hours
    • NMF (Not my Fault!) 2Fort - Team Fortress 2, 100+ hours
    • Apex Legends Community Discord (with a member count of 300,000+ members! woah!)- 2 Months

    And many more.


    Why should you consider me? I've grown since 2014/2015 and as a 24 year old Australian Voice Actor with a reignited passion for TF2 Trading, You can count on me KeRRR and LiMaaa!


    Rest in Peace Ghostbusters.wav

      Applicants Information
    Name: Lunar Scythe
    SteamID: STEAM_0:1:25720918
    Position: Admin Staff
    Microphone: Yes
    Country: Australia
    Relevant skills: Other
    Admin on another server: No
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    Changed Status to Under Review

    Nice to see a familiar face. I'll be discussing your application with kerr and update here when I do.

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    Hey @LunarScythe


    Good to see you again, you have always been a character around the community and are a familiar face. Considering all your past experience and your interest, limaaa and I have decided to put you into this round of trial applicants. I believe you shouldn't have much of an issue catching up.

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