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  • Darwin
    • Dismissed

    I am Donor+ With 1,790 Hours in game. I have been on this server since I was a kid almost 4 years now and only have 317 hours which kinda surprises me, I have never been a moderator before and I'd love to learn! I look up to staff so being one on a server is a good achievement, I love the players on EGC, 90% of the time I'm laughing in voice chat about something someone said (Its a good time). The community knows me well and I have invited many friends to play on EGC. I know the rules very well and use them as intended.


    I love this server.

             I have such a good time on it.       


    Thanks, Darwin!

      Applicants Information
    Name: Darwin
    SteamID: STEAM_0:0:135973732
    Position: Admin Staff
    Microphone: Yes
    Country: United States
    Relevant skills: Other
    Admin on another server: No

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    Discord Activity = Active in our Discord.

    500+ Hours = 500 hours or more in TF2.

    Donator = Must be current donor at EGC.

    15+ = 15 years of age or older.

    Please be honest with your application you are more likely to be accepted. Users who are "dismissed" must wait a mandatory 3 months before re-applying, unless told otherwise by staff.

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