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  • Status Definitions

    Pending = We have not yet reviewed this application.

    Under Review = We are currently reviewing this application. Check the comments for updates.

    Accepted = We have accepted this application. The user was successful in their application.

    Dismissed = We have dismissed this application. The user was unsuccessful in their application, please check comments for reasons.


    Application Requirements

    SteamRep Approved = Clean SteamRep.

    500+ Hours = 500 hours or more in TF2.

    Donator = Current donor at EGC.

    15+ = 15 years of age or older.


    Please be honest with your application you are more likely to be accepted. Users who are "dismissed" must wait a mandatory 3 months before re-applying, unless told otherwise by staff. Remember to include any skills you may have to boost your application!


    If you give false or misleading information, you may be revoked from your position.