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    Dear Admins of EGC,

    I am coming here to appeal a ban i received a few months back. I was young and stupid and i apoligize for my offensive behavious towards miss freakshow. i have definetely matured since playing back then. i am sincerely sorry and regret my actions. i hope you can unban me and give me another chance.


    Yours Sincerely 



      Appeal Information
    Name: YacobAngel
    SteamID: STEAM_0:1:88597584
    Ban Reason: Offensive Behaviour
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    Changed Status to Under Review

    You have 5 bans on records and countless gags/mutes for abusive behavior and trolling players, spycrabs and admins. You were given a 1 month ban as a final warning to change your behaviour. You then proceeded to abuse the head admin @Munt3dApple who banned you on steam: 

    To be honest, you were given countless warnings and chances to change your behavior. I wouldn't waste my time un-banning you for it to all happen again when you have a 'shit' day. We all have issues, but your attitude and offences are just blatant disregard for EGC and people in general. Although, in saying that, I am not the admin who dealt with/banned you, so I will leave it up to Munt3d to decide your fate here at EGC.

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    Normally I would consider giving someone a second chance but you........... you really burnt your bridge.

    I greatly doubt you have changed or matured enough in such a short time to be allowed to return.


    Appeal Denied



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