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  • Ubercharged Noodles

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    Due to the situation of how I was banned, I believe I've learned my lesson during the time I was gone. I've grown extremely worried for the sake of EGC due to other things I have heard going on ever since Miss Freakshow left. Certain individuals have been telling me not much trading goes on anymore and personally I don't wanna see my favorite server go into shambles. The reason for the early appeal is because of the realization of a simple solution; Just don't make private group chats with untrustworthy people/TOTAL strangers. If there's any possible way for an early unban, please do let me know... I'd be extremely delighted to see you all again. However, if not this early, I do promise to keep myself in check. I've been making sure of who I talk to and who I'm associated with ever since the incident that occurred on Discord. Just shoot me a message once you're able to. Thank you for your time as well.

                                                            Yours truly,
                                                                    Ubercharged Noodles :CatInABox:

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    Name: Ubercharged Noodles
    SteamID: STEAM_0:0:153848822
    Ban Reason: Other
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    Hi Uber,


    Whilst I appreciate the fact you are making an appeal and attempting to be sincere your context seems to contain a lot of unnecessary information pertaining to EGC based on rumors. You contacted me directly expressing your concerns about the status of the servers as stated above and I clarified them to you as well as putting an end to said rumors as that's all they are and asked you if you had any further questions to which you didn't respond. 


    If you have any other concerns I am happy to address them privately but an appeal is not the appropriate forum to state concerns for the well being of the servers. Plenty of trading takes place across the servers daily, and I assure you your concerns are based on rumors likely from unreliable sources. Don't stress.

    Some key points I would like to outline on what an appeal should contain:
    - Information pertinent to why you were banned
    - acknowledgment and understanding of your actions, their impact and how you plan to resolve them in the future

    - reasoning for your appeal at this current time and why you think the same issues wont occur

    - acceptance, understanding and humility of your actions and our reasoning for enforcing a punishment


    I see that you do contain some of the above in your statement, however you created this appeal 2 weeks after a 6 month ban was placed even though I informed you that the general mandatory waiting period is at least 3 months. I ask that you at least wait until 15/10/18 before you make another appeal to give some time for things to sink in and come back with a fresh perspective and a well thought out appeal solely focused on you, and your ability to be part of EGC in a productive manner.

    Kind regards,
    - Lima


    Your appeal has been denied as not enough time has passed since punishment was enforced and the context of your appeal seems to be misdirected.

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