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  • DolanDuck
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    I was not on an alt, nor was I cheating. It was kind of strange for you to suggest this as there was probably limited evidence behind it.

    1.5 years ago kerrr banned me for aimbot or something, dismissed my first appeal saying that I was on an alt and told me to appeal again after at least 6 months. I hope you lift my ban now as I have waited the given time, and the reason behind the ban wasn't even valid in the first place. I mean who looks at someone that is playing well, sees that they have low hours, and immediately think, "cheater"? why does it matter if someone's on an alt, as long as they're not breaking any rules?

    I don't care if my ban gets lifted or not as I no longer played on your servers after this incident, but if you would, please clear up this mistake for me as I would be glad to be part of your community if it welcomes me.




      Appeal Information
    Name: Ludo
    SteamID: STEAM_0:1:205321910
    Ban Reason: Hacking (aimbot, wallhack, etc)

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    Hi DolanDuck, Ludo, Brian,


    In regards to your original ban. It was decided to keep you banned because you were not forthcoming when questioned. People usually use alts to deceive people or troll, use exploits or hacks. There is no reason you need to go on an alt otherwise, although we don't ban users for being on an alt, we do when they are involved in a serious situation. You joined at the same time the hacking group joined, you were on their team, involved in the memes and had an alt account with 60 or so hours on record. You were found to have a group in common with said hackers and when questioned, you denied being on an alt, then made comments like "what does it matter if i'm on an alt" and "nor did I have any third party programs latched onto the game at the time", which implied you have used third party game altering software before and may be on an alt. If you were upfront and direct about these minor grievances, you may have avoided a ban all together. 


    It is important when an admin is trying to resolve a situation that you are open and honest and work with us to a resolution rather than against us. You still seem to be in that head space of self righteousness and not understanding why you were banned. Given the amount of time that has passed, I am going to grant your appeal in the hopes that you will understand what we are trying to do here and can become a valuable member of the community. Appeal Granted.

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