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    So i got banned for the second time!


    Was on the server for quite the while playing sniper and there were no issues, just good battles with the other snipers. Saw Kerr join spectator after landing some nutty shots on him, i knew he was watching me and it was for quite a while too. Anyway i got kicked for aim bot so i rejoined and recorded a demo, then a minute or two later i got banned.


    All i play is sniper. I like to flick shot a lot, and my resolution is 4:3 stretched meaning my horizontal sens is higher than my vertical sens. These two things make my flick shots look like literal lock on's, and it dosent help that the spectator mode is trash. Not that this is supposed to convince you of anything, i just recommend having common sense and slowing the demo to something like %15 for any shots you find suspicious, Thank you! :)


      Appeal Information
    Name: Kurt
    SteamID: STEAM_0:0:223521790
    Ban Reason: Hacking (aimbot, wallhack, etc)
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    I have demo of you flicking to peoples heads. Your story of resolution and different sens would not flick and lock to peoples heads in that way.

    Either way you just tried to ban evade by coming on your other account instead of waiting out a response to your appeal. That shows me that you don't have a regard for our rules and are not trustworthy. You can appeal again in 3 months. Appeal Denied.


    ALT: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198138918195

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