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    I was banned for an hour my a mod of the name Jaesuki. I was banned for spamming the teleport feature on the eureka effect wrench for engineer. I fully except that it was against the rules to do so, and I waited for the hour to be finished and hopped back on to tf2 to join the server. I got a message saying I was banned still and asked Jae what was wrong. He said at first I should have been unbanned but after looking into it sourcesleuth had said I had connected from an alt. All I have done is attempt a connect from the banned account to see if the ban was still There and I had gotten another two hours even though I have done nothing wrong. The time of the connect was around 5:45 pm (Eastern Standard Time). I am only asking for the two hour ban to be lifted because I fully think that it was unjust and there was a mistake. I don’t however want the first ban to be lifted cause that was my fault.

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    Name: Ghost
    SteamID: STEAM_0:1:497698280
    Ban Reason: Spamming

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    fyi, sourcesleuth autobans the main and alternate account if you try and log on the server via an alt while you are banned. it was automatic, just make sure not to join the server with any kind of alt while the ban is ongoing, just ask one of the staff if it is up.

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    It seems that there may have been an issue with our database at the time your infraction was placed, thus extending your punishment for two hours more. We have rectified the issue and will strike out any accumulated punishments from your record, my apologies.

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