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  • -FPJ- Ubercharged Noodles

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    Hello again! I am here to once again talk about my ban. I realise what I did provoked many problematic situations and I will refrain to allow that from happening ever again. I genuinely wish to apologize for what happened and have taken your regards to allowing time to heal my wounds. Personally, I still miss EGC and really wish to be part of it's community once more.(Also if you guys are doing any more of those fun little giveaways... I got plenty to contribute for them. :D )


    I'm a bit unsure of what else to say... but I really do apologize with all of my heart and soul and hope to see you all again. :,) 

    Yours Truly
    Noodles <3

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    Name: -FPJ- Ubercharged Noodles
    SteamID: STEAM_0:0:153848822
    Ban Reason: Other
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    Your post hasn't gone unnoticed! We will be discussing this at our next admin meeting coming up. We will get back to you with an answer once we all decide on a solution.

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    Hi Uber,


    Thanks for taking the time to write your appeal and thank you for being patient. I appreciate you being sincere in your appeal and I do believe you are a great person and can be a great asset to this community. We all make mistakes and that is okay. It's about the effort we put into resolving them and making sure those affected by our actions feel that we have given it the thought and effort required to move past the issue. I think you have done this, you have given it time for things to sink in, you have remained energetic, excited and sincere in you wish to be part of this community and I believe you have grown from this experience.


    What you said is very true " I realise what I did provoked many problematic situations". A lot of people don't realise how their actions impact others or what the outcome may be for someone on the receiving end of what they do or say. Acknowledging that and realising that is a great thing to accomplish and will only help you grow as an individual. I welcome you back into our community and hope to see a lot of your bubbly and energetic personality once again.


    Your appeal has been accepted and you have been unbanned.

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