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    Hello Im Amaterasu. Im banned because i run in spy crab . i didnt pay 1 ref, but now i pay the ref . so please unbanned me im sorry ..

      Appeal Information
    Name: Amaterasu
    SteamID: STEAM_0:1:115200494
    Ban Reason: Spycrab Fraud
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    If I can add to this situation, Amaterasu failed to pay up before he left the server, was later confronted by Lego who asked several times for what was owed to which I witnessed Amaterasu acknowledge he owed from a previous crab.

    However Amaterasu was also making it Lego's responsibility to add him to friends rather than the other way around, I also witnessed Lego attempt to add Amaterasu several times with no success.

    As I stated to LiMaaa, it was only when told he would face a perm ban from EGC Servers did he make any attempt at paying what he owed and searching actively for Lego.


    I feel cannot be trusted to spy crab again should his appeal be successful, making his appeal concerning enough to add my 2 cents.

    Anyway I leave it to you.

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    I too agree with you @MsFreakshow. However the user has made numerous attempts to pay back the user, regardless of the reason, also made many attempts to donate to EGC (Which i declined) to rectify the issue. I feel as if the user should be fully aware of the rules now and shouldn't break them. Of course if they do it will be sooner than later.


    You have been unbanned. If you repeat this behavior and receive another ban for spycrab running it will be a permanent ban and you will NOT be unbanned!

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    Please be honest with your appeal, you are more likely to be accepted. Users who are "dismissed" must wait a mandatory 6 months before re-appealing. Remember to include any evidence you may have to back up your appeal!